Log Scan in C++

This is a C++ version of Perl script I have posted on another page. Click here to compare.

#include< iostream.h >
#include< fstream.h >
#include< iomanip.h >
#include< stdlib.h >
#include< string.h >

int main(){

char logfile[80];
cout<<"ACRserve Missed agents log scan, Version 1.6"<< endl;
cout<<"This program is specifically for finding"<< endl;
cout<<"missed agents in PC backups. It should be modified for general use!"<< endl;
cout<<"Please enter the log name: ";
cin>> logfile;
cout<< endl <<"You entered: "<< logfile;

      cout<< endl <<"This is: "<< logfile;
      ofstream outfile("failed.txt");

ifstream infile(logfile);
char error[] = "E8511";

cout<< "Scanning error log for missed agents..." << endl << endl;

int errorCount = 0;
char data[40];
char endmark[10] = "Operation";
      infile>> data;

      if(strcmp(data, error)==0){
      for(int i=0; i<8; i++){
        infile >> data;}
      for(int j=1; j < 7; j++){
        cout << data[j];
        outfile << data[j];}
      cout << endl;
      outfile << endl;
  }while(strcmp(data, endmark)!=0);
  outfile << endl << "ARCserve missed " << errorCount <<" agents." << endl;
  cout << endl << "ARCserve missed "<< errorCount<< " agents."<< endl;

return 0;