More Complex Programs

Arrays    Link Lists    Queues    Trees    Multiple Topics   

Array Based Programs

Search for a "path" in a two-dimentional array

Knight's Tour

Linked Lists

Very simple linked list program with comments to explain

Sort one linked list of integers into two lists, odd and even

Set up backlinks in a doubly-linked list

Move an item in a linked list to the head of the list

Compare two linked lists to see if they contain the same items

String linked list that uses iteration instead of recursion


Very simple queue program with comments to explain


Basic Binary Tree program with comments to explain

Proves that a binary tree with X number of nodes has X+1 null pointers

Takes a number and finds the next largest integer in a tree

Prints a binary tree the way we would draw it on paper

Multiple Topics

A "Casino" program that uses linked lists, queues and trees. Plays roulette, blackjack and slots. Program is in 7 java files.