PERL - Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

*Used for standalone applicaitons and Web based CGI

The Current version of Perl is 5.6.0. Download it for Windows or UNIX/Linux here
Avoid the "Active State" Perl.

What is the relationship between Perl and CGI?
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What is the relationship between Perl and CGI?
Perl stands for Practical Extraction and Reporting Language. It is called such for its built-in utilities for scanning files and processing their content. Perl is the language most commonly used for CGI. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and is a method for creating web based documents rather than a specific programming language. Other languages may be used to create CGI like TCL or Tk. Perl is the easiest to learn, the most popular and the most widely supported. Standalone Perl scripts end in the file extension .pl, web-based CGI scripts end in the file extension .cgi. They are both written in Perl, but what they do and where they are placed differ. HTML is wonderful, but it is stateless, meaning that it cannot accept input or maintain input and does not have normal programming functions like looping. HTML was designed for the purpose of openning and viewing files and little else. Java and JavaScript have added much power to HTML, but neither have the ease and functionality of Perl/CGI. CGI makes on-line shopping possible. Cookies and Shopping Carts are Perl/CGI scripts, they drive web commerce and make information transfer from platform to platform simpler.

Application Scripts in Perl

    Script for processing multiple documents into a single file

    Using Perl for processing job logs

Web Based CGI scripts in Perl

    telnet1.cgi* is a Web based telnet negotiator using Perl.
*All perl cgi scripts are named here as filename.cgi.txt so the source code can be viewed! Rename them as filename.cgi to use them!

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